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Autobiography of FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper - Scott Frost Like the series it was based on, this book is by turns funny and dark. Scott Frost was a writer on the second season of Twin Peaks and he nails the voice of Agent Cooper. The format is transcriptions of his self-narration dictated by way of his hand-held tape recorder to his possibly imaginary secretary Diane. Among the revelations of Cooper's past is that at age 13 he crawled through an air duct at school in order to tape record a girl's health class and then wrote to FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover about the experience. Hoover wrote back and congratulated him on his esprit de corps. Cooper performs experiments such as seeing how long he can go without sleep and later how long he can go without urinating.

Much of the book deals with Cooper's partnership with Windom Earle at the Pittsburgh FBI office and the weirdness that happened to them. Windom Earle was introduced in the second season of Twin Peaks as a new nemesis for Cooper after the resolution of the Laura Palmer murder case. This lead to most viewers loosing interest in the show and its cancellation at the end of season two.