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Justice League of America: The Rise of Eclipso

Justice League of America: The Rise of Eclipso - James Robinson,  Brett Booth (Illustrator) As best I can figure, James Robinson's JLA was conceived as a New Avengers type spin-off from the main Justice League title. It might have been a fun book giving some attention to second and third string DC characters like Donna Troy and Jesse Quick, but when Johns & Lee's main JLA team got postponed to headline the New 52 relaunch, Robinson's team got put in the awkward position of trying to be something it wasn't. The result is sort of reminiscent of Justice League Detroit with a bunch of minor characters insisting to each other that yes they really are the real Justice League.

It is especially unfortunate because I like a lot of these characters and I like the concept. I've often thought DC could support a really good Defenders type of team made up of powerful but under appreciated characters like Captain Marvel, Power Girl, and Plastic Man. Given the right creative team it could be a lot of fun. This book alas could not be that book due to forced crossovers, characters inserted or yanked for no good reason, last minute changes, and a rushed ending. The result is an incoherent mess. Maybe someday we will get to see what James Robinson can actually do with a team of off-beat superheroes if given time to develop it at a reasonable pace, like Peter David has been allowed to do with X-Factor. Maybe someday.