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The Floating Water Vases of Zenn-La are Always Empty

Vision Vol. 1 - Gabriel Hernandez Walta, Tom King

I am kind of stunned by the quality of this series. The premise is very simple, Vision, the robot superhero from the Avengers, builds himself a wife and two kids and attempts to live a normal life in the suburbs. In the hands of another writer this could have been a light comedy, a sitcom with awkward jokes about family life and robots. Instead Tom King has crafted a multilevel story full of ominous foreshadowing and unsolvable philosophical questions.


While it is wrong to say the graphic novel medium is incapable of emotional depth and subtle plotting, it is not something I associate with superhero comics. There are elements of this story that remind me more of Edward Albee or Harold Pinter than Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. This is a good book for readers of independent comics who usually avoid the predictable action of superheros.


Why would someone build a vase out of material that is poisonous to all flowers?