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Hello, my name is Ruben, and I am a recovering superhero

Buzzkill - Geoff Shaw, Mark Reznicek, Donny Cates, Patrick Thorpe

Buzz Kill is the story of a superhero who gets his powers from alcohol and drugs. That may sound like the premise of a superhero parody, but it is actually a marginally sincere look at someone attempting to get sober while everything in his life is pulling him away from sobriety. I say marginally sincere because the creators undercut the plot by having the hero's support group be a front for a group of villains who just want the protagonist to get clean so he will loose his powers and then they can get their revenge on him.


I can't decided if the creators are using the tropes of superhero comics as a metaphor for the delusional world of an addict, or are they superhero fans who just thought this would be a clever twist on a superhero backstory. The story works either way, and that is a kind of ambiguity you rarely fine in superhero comics.