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"Basic revulsion for human interaction"

Will Not Attend: Lively Stories of Detachment and Isolation - Adam Resnick

Adam Resnick has a perfectly reasonable aversion to social situations. Some people would say he "has issues" like repressed anger and self-loathing. He does have a certain defensive pessimism, but he is also very funny, which excuses a lot. At times the tone of the book reminded me of Jean Shepherd, he of 'A Christmas Story' fame. Like Shepherd, Resnick mixes nostalgia with brutal honesty and self-depreciation. The fact that the first piece in the collection is titled 'An Easter Story' almost invites the comparison. Resnick's humor is dark and not for all tastes; there is a lot of profanity in the book, and I mean a lot, but if you enjoy angry sarcasm you will enjoy the book.


My favorite sections include 'Playground of the Shrew' in which the author is dragged to Disney World and ends with a cathartic explosion of bile, 'Substandard Risk' in which the author takes a job with a truly sleazy insurance agency, and 'Blue Yodel No. 13' in which the author's plan to loose his virginity goes up in smoke.