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Infinite Vacation

Infinite Vacation - Nick Spencer, Christian Ward

Infinite Vacation is a rather high concept graphic novel. A phone app allows people to arrange vacation swaps with versions of themselves in alternate realities. You can spend a week in a world where you pursued a different career or married a different person, while the you from that reality tries out your life. Mark is a heavy user of the service until he discovers that someone is murdering all the alternate Marks and he is the prime suspect. In addition he meets Claire, the girl of his dreams in his own reality, and she has deep philosophical objections to the whole concept of skipping around alternate realities.


The art of Infinite Vacation is quite creative. Most of the traditional comic book sections are colored in such a way that they look like watercolors. Several sections are done in the fumetti style with photographs of models used as frames of the comic. Another clever touch is that Mark and Claire bear a passing resemblance to Fry and Leela from Futurama, although Claire is not a cyclops.


If there is anything wrong with the book it is that the concept is too big for the limitations of one graphic novel. It seems more like a concept for a Science Fiction TV series than a single graphic volume. The ending is bit rushed but the art and the ideas make it well worth a read.