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Machine of Death: A Collection of Stories About People Who Know How They Will Die
Randall Munroe, James Foreman, K. Sekelsky, Camron Miller, John Chernega, David Michael Wharton, K.M. Lawrence, Jeffrey C. Wells, Vera Brosgol, Kit Yona, J. Jack Unrau, Jeff Stautz, Aaron Diaz, Matthew Bennardo, Yahtzee Croshaw, Douglas J. Lane, Brian Quinlan, Kate Beaton

Wolverine Takes a Holiday

Death of Wolverine - Steve McNiven, Charles Soule

Beautifully illustrated by Steve McNiven, some of his best work really, but not much story. Wolverine has lost his healing factor and someone has put a massive bounty on him. Many of his old enemies come after him and there are some impressive fight scenes, but the whole thing feels rushed. The death of Wolverine deserves at least a 12 issue series, not 4 issues. I would say it was disrespectful to the character if I thought for a minute that Marvel will actually leave Wolverine dead for more than 18 months tops. Death in comics is more like taking an extended vacation.