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Book Two: The Problem Gets Worse

March: Book Two - Andrew Aydin, Nate Powell, John Robert Lewis

In the course of the Civil Rights Movement no one was arrested, beaten, fire hosed, and spat on more than John Lewis, but he never abandoned his commitment to the ideal of nonviolent social protest. Today he is one of the representatives of the state of Georgia in the United States Congress. He is the definition of an American hero.


In a typical trilogy the first book introduces the problem and the third book resolves the problem. The second book exists to make the problem as bad as possible. March: Book Two absolutely makes the problem as bad as possible. The narrative focuses on the Freedom Riders of 1961 and the extreme violence they encountered in Alabama and Mississippi, the 1963 protests in Birmingham, the March on Washington, and closes with the bombing of Sixteenth Street Baptist Church, again in Birmingham.


Unfortunately March is not a work of fiction, so I don't expect book three to resolve the issue of racial hatred in America, but I very much look forward to the conclusion of the story.