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Where You Can Find Me: A Novel - Sheri Joseph

Where You Can Find Me opens with the reunion of a family with their son three years after he was kidnapped by pedophiles. Joseph wisely does not spend a lot of time recounting the horrors of Caleb's captivity. She is more interested in the complex relationships within his damaged family. Caleb's mother, who has a history of substance abuse predating the kidnapping, decides on the fly to uproot her family and move to Costa Rica to escape the media spotlight. The father is willingly left behind as he is deeply uncomfortable around a son that he considers to be a stranger.


There is some real psychological complexity here, especially regarding the son's ambivalent relationship with his former kidnapper. Caleb refuses to testify against the man he calls Jolly whom he believes rescued him from more abusive captors. Jolly is a manipulator and manages to contact Caleb, whom he calls Nicky, and attempts to lure him back into his profoundly messed up world.


Joseph's novel is not exactly a fun read. It deals with long term psychological trauma and the hidden world of sex trafficking. After reading this I think I would like to read a nice fantasy novel with some wizards in it.