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Bad News for Everyone

God Is Disappointed in You - Mark Russell, Shannon Wheeler

"God is disappointed in you" is the best one sentence synopsis of the Bible I have ever heard. From Adam and Eve, through Noah, Jacob, Moses, David, the kings of Israel and Judah, all the way through the letters of Paul to the Apocalypse, the message repeated over and over is that God is disappointed, not just in humanity collectively, but in everyone individually. God is not someone you want to disappoint because he has a temper and when he is angry with his friends he treats them even worse than his enemies. Even in the Christian scriptures, which are ostensibly about forgiveness and love, the spin Paul puts on Jesus death is that the only way God could appease his disappointment with mankind was to sacrifice himself to himself. When I was a child I came across a Bible translation titled Good News for Modern Man. I immediately thought a better title would be Bad News for Everyone.


Mark Russell's summarization of the Bible is sarcastic but at the same time he does a fine job of encapsulating the message of each book and treats the poetry and wisdom with the respect it deserves. Russell really excels with the Minor Prophets who are hard to differentiate with their "God is going to destroy everyone" message. The book is heavily illustrated by Shannon Wheeler, creator of Too Much Coffee Man. In his cartoons Wheeler has summarize what Russell has already summarized from the Bible and the results are quite successful.