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Machine of Death: A Collection of Stories About People Who Know How They Will Die
Randall Munroe, James Foreman, K. Sekelsky, Camron Miller, John Chernega, David Michael Wharton, K.M. Lawrence, Jeffrey C. Wells, Vera Brosgol, Kit Yona, J. Jack Unrau, Jeff Stautz, Aaron Diaz, Matthew Bennardo, Yahtzee Croshaw, Douglas J. Lane, Brian Quinlan, Kate Beaton
Memos From Purgatory - Harlan Ellison Harlan Ellison's contribution to the New Journalism of the late 1960's. Memos tells the story of his going undercover in a street gang, and later about a night he spent in an overcrowded jail. Powerfully visceral stuff, if a tad overwrought at times.