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Machine of Death: A Collection of Stories About People Who Know How They Will Die
Randall Munroe, James Foreman, K. Sekelsky, Camron Miller, John Chernega, David Michael Wharton, K.M. Lawrence, Jeffrey C. Wells, Vera Brosgol, Kit Yona, J. Jack Unrau, Jeff Stautz, Aaron Diaz, Matthew Bennardo, Yahtzee Croshaw, Douglas J. Lane, Brian Quinlan, Kate Beaton
Pilgrimage: The Book of the People - Zenna Henderson Zenna Henderson's short stories are not your typical Science Fiction fare. The subject matter is about a community of humanoid aliens stranded on Earth and forced to pass as human. Like any group of immigrants, "the People" struggle to maintain their unique identity while integrating with the human population, Adding to the SF feel is the fact that they possess special abilities such as telepathy and telekinesis, but at the same time they are not particularly alien; they are very human in their thoughts, feelings, and motivations. These stories are SF in the Ray Bradbury vein; atmospheric rural America stuff, far removed from the austere space adventures of early SF.