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Out of the Silent Planet  - C.S. Lewis So far the Space Trilogy is not that different from the Narnia books. People from our world travel to another world where they encounter different types of intelligent creatures who practice Christianity by another name. There is in both a benevolent but tough talking supernatural entity who tries to steer our heroes back to the proper path. Here the exemplary way of life is closer to the modern day fantasy of Native American life than the idealized medievalist world of Narnia.

In Silent Planet the human travelers are adults rather than children so they are more hardened in their wicked ways. Weston, the Social Darwinist caricature of a scientist, is held up as a buffoon, but surprisingly Devine, the cynical capitalist, comes across even worse and is declared unsalvageable.

It strikes me that Malacandra is a college professor's idea of paradise. Out of the three sentient species the hrossa specialize in music and poetry, the pfifltriggi are engineers, and the seroni are solitary scholars. The are no warriors, priests, politicians, or bureaucrats, and all government is provided by a benevolent dictator.