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Machine of Death: A Collection of Stories About People Who Know How They Will Die
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The Worm Ouroboros - James Stephens, Orville Prescott, Keith Henderson, E.R. Eddison The Worm Ouroboros is probably my all time favorite Fantasy novel. It features some of the most beautiful language and memorable scenes of any novel in Fantasy. I will never forget the wrestling match between Goldry Bluszco and King Gorice XI, or when Gorice XII and Lord Gro attempt to summon a sorcerous monster. The opening of the novel is very strange and features a point of view character who disappears entirely from the story, and the ending is so jaw-droppingly unexpected that I suspect some readers will be outraged by it. Even with those caveats, the characters are so much fun and the descriptions so gorgeous that I still consider this one of the best Fantasy novels ever written.