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Utopia - Thomas More, Paul Turner R. A. Lafferty wrote a science fiction novel called Past Master in which the leaders of a planet in the far future bring Thomas More forward in time to fix their failed utopia. One of Lafferty's points was that these future leaders never understood that More's Utopia is a satire. The truth is even more complex because while More was satirizing Renaissance values that conflicted with his conservative Catholicism, he was probably also sharing his own more unorthodox ideas in a format that allowed him complete deniability.

Some of the values of the Utopians are core values of modern progressives, such as religious toleration and wars fought only in defense. Others surpass Marxism in their extremity, such as no individual property and no money. It his hard to consider that More was actually mocking the idea of religious toleration, but he was a product of fifteenth century Europe in which the idea of tolerating other religious beliefs was as alien to the average man as the idea of women's rights or the abolition of slavery. But Thomas More was far from an average man, so maybe he did entertain ideas that are considered extreme 500 years later, or maybe he was joking.