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Hawkeye, Vol. 1: My Life as a Weapon - Matt Fraction, David Aja, Javier Pulido What a difference a successful movie makes. Hawkeye was a perennial Marvel also-ran, a standard character for Avengers and a few other team books, but never able to sustain interest in a solo title. The most interesting thing Marvel did with Hawkeye in years was let Bendis kill him off, sparking a small but vocal backlash of Hawkeye fans (who knew they existed?). Then Jeremy Renner plays him in a hit movie and suddenly Hawkeye is cool.

Matt Faction writes Hawkeye as a kind of low-rent James Bond, complete with high-tech weapons, Russian mobsters, and no costumes. The art style is completely atypical for a Marvel comic, making it look more like an cool indy from Image or what Vertigo used to be pre-integration with the DCU. The real breakthrough character is Hawkeye's sidekick/protegee Kate Bishop. Faction flips the typical sidekick relationship and mostly has Kate rescue Barton. The oddest element to me is that they are not drawing Hawkeye to look like Renner, he still looks like the traditional Clint Barton model. Contrast that to Tony Stark and Nick Fury who have gradually transmogrified into the actors who play them.