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The Uninvited - Liz Jensen Xenogenesis is the word for when children bear little or no resemblance to their parents. If you have ever been a little creeped out by children then The Uninvited is the perfect thriller for you.

Hesketh is a corporate consultant who specializes in investigating industrial sabotage. He is also an Asbergers case whose ex-wife describes him as a "robot made of meat". He is almost Vulcan with his calm logic and lack of affect. His only real emotional connection is with his ex-wife's son Freddy who he has been cut off from by the divorce. Hesketh is dispatched to one country after another investigating a string of sabotage cases and everywhere he goes there are stories in the news of adults being brutally murdered by children. Via mental Venn diagrams he gradually begins to perceive the connections between these seemingly unrelated incidents.

Jensen walks a fine line with her portrayal of Hesketh. I'm sure some readers will think he is too remote and others that he is too relaxed in social settings for someone with Asbergers syndrome, but it is his ease in seducing women that leaves me a tad incredulous. In a book with a number of borderline fantastical elements this is the point where I find it hard to suspend disbelief. Hesketh can walk up to an attractive woman in a bar and say he is very interested in having sex with her and it works. If this were written by a male author I would dismiss it as fantasy, but as it is written by a female author I am left wondering if this approach could possibly work. Maybe if you are a tall dark handsome Scotsman.