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Till We Have Faces (Time reading program special edition)

Till We Have Faces (Time reading program special edition) - C.S. Lewis TWHF is Lewis' strongest novel and I absolutely loved it right up until the ending. It felt like Lewis was finally rising above his religious dogmatism and telling a story about a strong female character who like Job has a genuine complaint against the gods. Orual had attempted to rescue her sister whom she believed was living in the woods with a monster while under the delusion that she was living in a palace with a god. Events led Oural to question whether her sister was delusional or not, but Oural's motivation to help her sister was genuine. Later she is outraged to discover that her story has become a fable about a wicked woman who deliberately ruins her sister's life out of jealousy. Oural gets her chance to argue her case but at the last moment looses her nerve and accepts that God was right and she was wrong. To me this felt like a total cop-out on Lewis' part. He came right up to the edge of suggesting that God was unfair to this character, but then retreated back to his safe dogmatism.

I would like to give the body of the novel 5 stars and the ending 1 star, so I will give the book 3 stars.