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Grace Randolph's Supurbia

Grace Randolph's Supurbia Vol. 1 - Grace Randolph, Russell Dauterman Grace Randolph has written a graphic novel about the wives, husbands, and lovers of a group of superheroes all living together in one seemingly normal suburban community. There is the former villainess who is trying very hard to stay reformed but no one is willing to trust her. There is the woman who gave up her career as a crimefighter to raise her daughter and secretly regrets it. There is the alpha businesswoman whose world crumbles when she realizes that her highly marketable superhero husband is cheating on her with another man. It is all very soap-operay without turning into the parody it could very easily be.

Lois Lane had her own comic book from 1958 to 1974. Supurbia makes me wish DC or Marvel had the courage to take a risk like this on a book about what it is like to be the emotional support for iconic super beings.