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Pop Star Superhero vs Space Nazis

Zenith: Phase 1 - 'Grant Morrison',  'Steve Yeowell'

Nazis from another dimension are trying to take over the world and only a British pop star can stop them.


Zenith was one of Grant Morrison's earliest published works. You can see here several of the ideas that recur throughout Morrison's career. The concept of higher dimensional beings attempting to enslave or destroy the Earth, which ran all through his Invisibles series, provides the core plot here. The idea of superheroes as pop culture celebrities, which he revisited in Final Crisis and Multiversity, shows up here for the first time. The story moves very quickly and is surprisingly violent for Morrison, but it was originally published in 2000 AD, home to Judge Dredd and other ultra-violent British comics.


I have wanted to read Zenith since becoming a fan of Morrison in the 90's. Unfortunately this edition was published without the consent of the creators due to a long running dispute over the rights to the material. Purchasing this edition was a choice between violating the wishes of the creators or probably never getting to read the series in my lifetime. It is a sad commentary on the comics industry that so much material, including the classic Watchmen series, is only available in additions that rip-off the creators.