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Giant Days, Vol 1

Giant Days Vol. 1 - Whitney Cogar, Lissa Treiman, John Allison

John Allison is an excellent web cartoonist whose work can be found at scarygoround.com. Giant Days is spun off from his long running web series. Lissa Treimann does an excellent job of capturing the feel of Allison's cartoons without being an exact copy. Allison's work is consistently funny and he has a flair for offbeat dialogue that reminds me of Joss Whedon's work on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


The Giant Days series focuses on three college freshmen attending a small regional English university. Esther is a flirtatious goth who inspires drama wherever she goes. Susan is an intense politically-active student with a tendency to hate men. Daisy is a inexperienced former homeschool student who is struggling with coming out of the closet. While the characters are easy to describe, they do rise above their character types and come across as genuinely interesting people, thanks to Allison clever writing and Treimann's cartoony art.