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The Nostalgic Adventures of Batman

The All-New Batman: The Brave and the Bold  Vol. 1 - Sholly Fisch, Rick Burchett

Superhero comics are a bit of a puzzle. When the comics began in the 1930's they were aimed at an audience of younger kids. By the 1960's they were read by teens. Today the average comic book reader is in their thirties or forties. Rather than attracting the next generation of readers comics are an expensive specialty medium catering to readers who never stopped reading comics. Over the years superhero comics became dark in an attempt to appeal to older tastes.


I want to believe that Batman: the Brave and the Bold is aimed at younger readers, but I suspect the audience may consist largely of older fans nostalgic for simpler stories that aren't as convoluted and dark as the regular monthly issues. The book is a spinoff of the Batman: the Brave and the Bold cartoon which did a reasonable job of mixing accessibility for kids with nostalgia for older viewers.


Rick Burchett supplied the art, bringing back pleasant memories of his run on Batman Adventures. The writer is listed as Sholly Fisch, which sounds like a pen-name but could be a real person for all I know.