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May Something Similar to the Force be With You

The Star Wars - Rain Beredo, JW Rinzler, Mike Mayhew, Nick Runge, Michael Heisler

The folks at Dark Horse have taken George Lucas' first draft screenplay for Star Wars and adapted it into a graphic novel. The result is sort of like an alternate reality version of Star Wars in which characters with names we are familiar with but who are not the characters we are familiar with have adventures that are similar to what happened in Star Wars but not the same.


If this had been the movie that Lucas actually made I don't think it would have been anything close to the massive phenomenon that was Star Wars. Like the prequel trilogy this story is over complicated and the characters are not particularly engaging. It lacks the simple purity of the old wizard trains the young knight to rescue the princess from the fortress of the evil sorcerer story that is the original Star Wars movie. Most all the changes that were made between this version and the final version were improvements.