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Monumental Obfuscation

Hegel in 90 Minutes - Paul Strathern

Paul Strathern is no fan of Hegel. Terms like "monumental obfuscation" and "bereft of meaning" get tossed around and those are not quotes from Hegel's critics, those are quotes from the author. This little book provides a short biography of Hegel and a massive smack-down of his prose style. You may get more detail on Hegel here than you would from a general history of philosophy, but less than say an overview of 18th century German philosophy. The warning for what you are in for is that Strathern opens with a Schopenhauer quote in which he dismisses Hegel as a charlatan.


Three stars for an entertaining deflation of a pompous and almost unreadable figure who had a massive impact on the course of European philosophy.